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Kez (Kerry) Yendall


Southampton Vikings will sadly miss Kez who was tragically killed when she was in a road traffic accident on the A29 road in West Sussex on the 17th of July 2010.

Kez was an extremely well loved member of the club and would brighten up anyone's day without having to make any effort, her personality was so vibrant and welcoming. She was full of life and was a very loving human being who cared greatly about all of her friends and family and would go out of her way to help as much as she could for other people.

She was engaged to be married in August 2010, just six weeks before tragedy struck and condolences and heart felt sorry goes out to her family and her fiancée who is a kind and loving guy who brought such happiness to Kez.

God bless you Kez, we will miss you so much. xx


Southampton Vikings

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This is the home page of one of the oldest Ice Hockey Clubs in the UK. Although there is no home ice at the moment doesn't mean that the spirit isn't willing, it is alive and raring to go once a new ice rink is ready. 

Southampton City Council are working to bring ice skating back to its citizens after the old Banister rink closed its doors to the paying public in controversial circumstances in 1988.  For over fifty years up to 1988 with only a break because of war damage, we enjoyed the facility. It was only the greed of a corporate bully who's only intention of buying into the ice rink site in 1963 was to sell it off for luxury housing which took them 25 years to achieve and ended in the closure of the rink.

Over the past 10 years, this site and other organisations like The Southampton Ice Dance and Figure skating Club have helped to convince the local council that an ice rink in Southampton is viable and will be well patronised. It has been a long arduous battle with disappointments and some successes, but it would appear that the effort has been worth it and we intend to continue until we skate out onto the brand new ice surface built on land in Southampton. It will happen, of that we are all sure.

Emails to the city council will be appreciated and handed on to Councillor Hannides is Cabinet member for Leisure. We have to show that there is a need for an ice rink and although the evidence is there already, the council have to be convinced it is not going to cost the earth and end up in closure after only a short time. Ice rinks as we know cost buckets of cash to build and run and no one expects any council to spend tax payers money on something that is going to end up a total waste of time effort and....... money.

So, if you are reading this and you are from Southampton or any part of the region, email your councillor and tell them what you think. They must listen to what you have to say, you effort could make all the difference to our city boasting a state of the art ice rink or yet another office block, hotel or even more shopping facilities.

The BRICK is depending on you!!

I hope you enjoy this site, if you remember the ice rink, then it will take you back to the days when skating was a way of life for many in Southampton. People say that they used to spend their lives at the rink, like me, it was my second home for a long time. Of course, it is not just about the great sport of hockey, it is also about ice skating, ice dancing, ice shows, ice cream, well, a little bit of poetic justice, please!

A new ice rink would be,,,,,,,,.............the icing on the cake.


We have had several reunions, the first was in 2006, 29th of December when Southampton City Council decided that they would try a temporary ice rink in Guildhall Square and we took full advantage of it by showing them that the old skaters still had the legs and the lungs to show those younger than we were that we hadn't forgotten how and why we still wanted another permanent ice rink in the city.

In 2008, twenty years after the closure of the rink we held a campaign that culminated in the collection of petition containing 5,000 signatures, a march through the city that began at the very place where the ice pad was situated, now covered with cobble stones, glad it wasn't someone's carpet, and followed later by a reunion game between the old Vikings and a team of up-for-it Army Blades, thanks guys, you played well.

23rd of August 2008 reunion match report


Website Rebuild

The website is in need of a complete overhaul an coming soon with be a new site that is going to be just that. Now I have more time on my hands there is so much that needs to be done, lots of things have happened but the Vikings continue and the story isn't over. There will be more information, more photos, plans, progammes, and memorabilia from what was one of Britain's oldest ice hockey teams.



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