On the 29th December 2006, the Southampton Vikings and supporters got together on the temporary outdoor ice pad in the centre of Southampton for a reunion skate around. After so many years it was difficult to find, invite and encourage the vast majority to turn out in weather that was typically British, wet and windy. Those who did make it all enjoyed themselves, no one fell over but all had aching muscles, and we all got wet!

The main participants were Nick Drew, Simon Tipper, Gordon Murray, Simon Coleman and Mark Smith, almost enough for one line at least! Jill White could have given additional support in defence and Caroline Golding and myself could have tended the goal.

The reunion was hastily organised by Nick Drew and thanks should go to him for that. Thanks to all of those who managed to get there and I hope it will be remembered along with all the other fond memories we have of the best time we all lived and played together and hopefully we will all do so again in the future.

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Ice steward, Mark Smith, Natalie, Nick Drew, Simon Tipper, Simon Coleman


Nick Drew, Simon Coleman, Simon Tipper, Mark Smith, Jill White, Natalie, Gordon Murray


Skating in the rain


Nick Drew, Jill White and Natalie


Caroline Golding and Jill White

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